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Larry Gray, Teacher, Developer, Full Stack Software Engineer Services


  • Online Java Coding Tutoring / Teaching
  • Software Engineering

The Classroom, Office and Library

The Classroom, Office and Library

Why learn coding in today’s world? I will tell you.

Currently in the world there is a huge shortage of coders. Coding is today what literacy was in the 1800’s where only a small percentage were literate.  In the whole world less than half a percent know coding and in America it’s around 2% In the future most everyone will need to learn to code in this modern world. It’s almost as important as reading and writing a native human spoken language! A bit of a stretch but it makes a point.

Coders percent of population in World
Coders vs Everyone Else
Coders percent of population in America
Coders vs Everyone Else

English is the language used for naming and documentation in the coding world.

Of course in the industry the human language for coding is English just like French is for cooking and Latin for medical. So everything from naming things in code to documentation, education and online media is in English. Knowing some English is a prerequisite and if the student’s native language is English this gives quite an advantage.

Men coders vs. Women coders.
Men vs Women coders World Wide
Men Women
Men vs Women coders America
Men Women

Worldwide 85-90% of programmers are men and 10-15% are women. In the United States 70-75% are men and 25-30% are women. You ladies need to step it up a bit! Coding is a huge mental challenge but can be fun too.  Initially it may take 6 months to one year at one class per week to learn the basics of any programming language. That can really get you to a point where you can begin to have fun with it. Yes I said FUN!

Brain Games or Exercises. Logic and Reasoning. But it can be play too as a Hobby or Open Source.

Learning coding as a brain exercise is a great thing to do. Most of us who have worked in the career or studied towards education credentials have also done coding for fun as a hobby. Open source is huge and many hobby and career coders have contributed to projects that are used worldwide or simple projects that are fun and only used by a few. In fact coding for a living for some can ruin the hobby.

Learn  to code for fun! Really, just to pass time. In some minds its more satisfying than playing video games. Darn, I used coding and FUN in the same sentence again! I mix up some command line coding with user interface and graphics in class or otherwise just to make it more interesting. Lookup open source sites like Sourceforge.net and BitBucket.org or Github.com and browse the projects.

Professionals, Office workers, Managers, Business Owners

I dare say that it wouldn’t hurt anyone to take a course in at least one programming language to see how it works. A good one for professionals would be Python. Though any language would do. I think Python would be more instantly valuable to anyone working in an office environment. You could easily learn to make utility apps or scripts for many common problems. And it would not hurt to simply know more about how a computers works. You could possibly learn more about what custom coding could do for you or your business. It could give you incite and ideas.

There are hundreds of coding languages so use the Right tool for the Right job.

There are hundreds of programming languages to learn. Most experienced developers say to use the right tool for the right job. Each language tends to lean one way or another towards specialized uses. There are many reasons for this. At the same time competition between languages keeps language makers adding marketable features from other languages that seem to pass the test of time. The learning never ends. Everything I learned 35 years ago is still valid and current but each decade brings new added things on top of what I already know.

Teaching, Tutoring, Coaching, Training that I offer.

I teach 4 main languages listed below that are in the top 5 to 10. But there are hundreds of languages each usually wrapped around a single major language feature. The languages I teach here are typical and well used popular Von Neumann languages or Procedural languages. Most modern languages are OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and some are not. Some are functional languages where a function returns the same value with same parameters and all variables are local to the function. Procedural languages are like the ones I’m teaching. There are logic languages and math languages. There are database languages. And there are more…

The top 3 here are Object Oriented Languages. C is not, but C++ is. You might think C is a functional language because it’s comprised of all functions. But it is not a functional language because the restrictions mentioned above are not enforced in C.

Image result for Sun Certified Java Programmer image

I Teach

  1. Java in Top 5
  2. JavaScript in Top 5 (TypeScript in Top 10)
  3. Python in Top 10
  4. C in Top 5 to 10

And I know half a dozen more from past studies to include BASIC, Pascal, Assembly or Machine Language and a few more. I also know database and configuration file languages and shell scripting. This means I have much to compare a feature I’m currently teaching to the same feature in one language or another. I can explain things in 3 or more ways until it’s understood if needed.

My Teaching Style

I am direct and to the point. I don’t simply throw learning material at students and then put most of it on them. I don’t test much now except for asking questions in class. I will be developing a more formal test taking framework as time goes on. I do sometimes assign homework. I provide examples in class that I have already made up. Sometimes I with the students will make an example together to show them how to teach themselves when they are not in class.

I use the top industry standard tools for doing this work. These tools have been used for decades and are good. I also train these tools and some operating system skills while teaching coding. I will teach some sideline concepts as we go to help guide their future or self studies. I can teach coding principles that I have picked up over the years.

I do teach libraries, frameworks and API’s. In recent years we have seen front end web developer frameworks and libraries become popular such as Google Angular which if you notice Google GMail is made with. Facebook has made React which is a component library in the front end (Browser). Languages themselves come with API’s and you can add 3rd party API’s. But one form of a new API on back end web services is called Rest API so that a developer may use the back end (Server side) of some popular web sites. For example Google Maps and there are many more now. These API’s can be use used with Phone, Desktop and Web site development, separately or combined.

And there is so much more I can touch on in class and will as the basic language is learned such as.

  • Best tools, editors and integrated development environments
  • Coding conventions, principles, style
  • Object Design patterns, making software and methodologies
  • Debugging, Logging, Testing, Troubleshooting and Code Repositories
  • Desktop Graphical and Terminal Interfaces
  • Some Examples using Wen Apps or Phone Apps
  • I explain how to make distribution files
  • And how to publish a Java Game on Steam
  • UML Diagramming, Documenting
  • Big O and Algorithm Efficiency
  • Data Structures and Java Collections
  • File IO and Client Server Network IO
  • Windows Shell and Linux Shell commands and Scripting
  • Package Managers and build tools
  • And more…

How are online classes done?

I teach age 13 to 18 on Outschool.com. I teach younger than 13 on Outschool in special classes that are a little more restricted for which tools or websites we may use. Or a parent can allow younger to join my 13 to 18 classes. You can always search my name on Outschool to find my classes. But here is my Teacher (Larry Gray) link.  Some classes are One Time, some are On Going each week one hour per week and some can be one on one if you need it. Let me know what your needs are and the time of day and week and I can possibly customize an Outschool class just for you.

Over 18 I teach with Zoom just get with me and let me know your needs, time and budget.

A course is 52 hours. We can do this one hour per week for one year. Two hours per week for six months. Or 3 hours per week for 4 months. We can do 3 one hour classes per week or two 1.5 hour classes.

My rate is around $30/hr give or take. So for one hour per week at $30/hr or $120/mo. But we can negotiate based on your budget or time and my time.Pay me directly. I may be able to finance the entire course for low monthly payments. I have found a coach financing site we can try.


If my schedule permits I can give you an hour or two of FREE introductory class before you decide to use my services. I may offer you 1 or 2 FREE hours if you buy the first hour. I also often go over the class length to some stopping point giving additional FREE time. If not FREE I may charge for initial setup time installing tools and configuring them. If you are my student and you refer a student that pays for one hour of class you will get 2 hours FREE.

I also can teach anyone online by simply setting up a meeting time with Zoom.   If you are local please contact me with text first 501-four two eight-028seven. Text first your email then send an email to javacaverdude@gmail.com. I’ll then search to find it.

Java Caver Dude is an internet chat room handle I’ve used over the years or some variation. I was Caverdude on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Java is a programming language I teach. Caver is a spelunker, or cave explorer and dude is a guy. It’s easy to remember. Also my Github page is http://github.com/caverdude

There is much more I can teach as I get request for teaching. So ask me if I can teach what you need in IT, Computer or Programming, I probably can. I had a request to teach spreadsheet recently. I have 6 years of office with mostly MS Excel and other MS Office tools.

Payment Methods

On Outschool you will pay Outschool. Otherwise I will take

  • Cash if Local (Nearby Russellville Arkansas USA)
  • CashApp which has no fees!
  • PayPal with fees.
  • Visa or Bankcard given to me over the phone or some other way with Fees using Square app.

Price and Rates

I will repeat that I charge $30/hr for teaching coding or anything. Many online tutors charge $45 to $50 or more per hour.  I will negotiate locally for better price until I get more business. And again I will give possible FREE time if I have time such as.

  1. Buy first hour get one or two FREE!
  2. Buy an hour get one FREE!
  3. Buy first hour get an hour or two of setup time FREE!
  4. Refer someone and if they buy an hour you get one or two hours FREE!
  5. I sometimes give extra time by going over the class schedule time which is FREE!
  6. Reduced rate for groups means part of each hour FREE!
Image result for CompTIA A+ image

Software Engineer Services

I can write any type of software using Java, or for Web Development  with Java and JavaScript or TypeScript. I use AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the server. I use your credit card to pay for AWS which is about $50 for domain name and initial fees. Then about $20 or so per month billed to your card. Some fees are annual. You pay me for setup and coding depending on what we work out. A very minimal one page site with a menu might run $300 + AWS expenses discussed above.

Depending on what’s needed a web site might cost $1500 to $3000. Upper end being E-Commerce. If you want a WordPress site so that you can make articles and do some administration we can discuss it.

All resources and code on AWS belong to you. Your domain name belongs to you. The passwords are yours. I simply get paid for coding. Or consulting and coding after it’s going.  You can have anyone work on it. You are not tied to me!

I can build a desktop app, phone/tablet app (Android) , and web site app with API together as if one app. 3 apps that work together as one. But that will be more costly. $60 to $100 per hour. And I will limit hours per week spent on it to less than 20.

In general

I can code and teach to code, console utilities, client / server, windows desktop apps, phone / tablet apps, web applications, web start apps for web sites, and micro controller apps (Arduino, ESP 32, Pyboard, Phigits, RaspberryPI)

I can demonstrate and train you with the best tools. You can contact me by email, javacaverdude@gmail.com. Please put [LDG Services] in subject line followed by what kind of service.

Text first (five-0-one-four-28-zero28seven) with your email, then send email is best. I’m fighting lots of spam and other things right now. I can help with WordPress if you love WordPress. Lets discuss it.

Contact me now! Let’s discuss your wants and needs.

  • Phone (five-01) 4two8-zero28seven
  • Text
  • Email javacaverdude@gmail.com
  • Online chat such as FaceBook messenger or Facebook Call.
  • Phone app such as WhatsApp or Google Hangout(Google Chat) or Zello push-to-talk (PTT)
  • Zoom meeting.

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