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About founder Larry Gray

Larry Gray founder of Software Developer Zone

I, Larry Gray, founder of Software Developer Zone have been studying computer programming since 1982 when the family purchased a Commodore 64, 8-bit computer.

Commodore 64 Erra

I began learning computer programming using C64 Basic then moved on to several other languages. I learned Comal (NOT COBOL! Comal was a hybrid of Logo, Pascal, and Basic).  Simon’s Basic was an extension which added some graphics, sound and introduced functions and procedure calls. Using SuperMon64 which was the C64’s”(DOS) DEBUG command” and using C64 Pal Assembler, I learned 6510 Assembly.

College and early PC era

In college around 1987, I was introduced to Turbo Pascal 4.0. 1992, later once I owned my first PC clone, I purchased Turbo Pascal 7.0.  1994 I had a course in IBM 360 Assembly.  1995 I began to learn the fundamentals of C.  1996 I began to use some QBasic and wrote an accounting app that would handle 100 accounts and I used it to do my accounting that year.

Java era

In 1999 I began using Java which I have used and studied every sense.In my early life, I grew up on a 200-acre cattle and poultry farm. Early life was a life of farm chores and in my spare time learning computers using the good ole C64.  College education began in 1987 to 1989 then continued again 1994 to 1995.  My introduction to Unix Operating System began in 1992 which is the first time I ever knew anything about networking. Before this, I used local BBS systems. In 1995 I used the Internet for the first time in my life. This was approximately the year that Java was introduced. 5 years later I became a Sun Certified Java Programmer for the Java 2 Platform. In the next 6 years, I studied every concept needed in coding projects and everything needed to get the Sun Certified Java Developer Certification. I also began in 1998 studying all web development concepts including web server administration.

My work history while I kept coding a hobby.

My work history has been everything but computer programming. Briefly, I will summarize. 5 years of Restaurant work including 1.5 years of kitchen management. 2 Years of industrial work. 1 Year of plant work. 6 years of office work some of which included computer intensive work. 14 years of national coast to coast truck driving. I also had various temp jobs and part-time work. 2 years in Security. 6 months as a computer instructor for Windows and MS Office. 6 months of PC upgrade and repair.

Other hobbies

Hobbies other than computers and computer gaming which I have enjoyed would be. Primary camping, rock climbing, caving, cave mapping. Secondarily fishing, hunting, cooking.


Games I enjoy would be primarily strategy, i.e. Chess, Civ II, Alpha Centauri, Outpost, Red Alert C&C, Tiberian Sun. Civil War Generals II. Also simulations MS Flight Simulator, Sim City, Sim Golf. Links 386 Golf. I have briefly played some first-person 3D shooters, Doom, Duke Nukem, Star Wars Dark Forces. Minecraft. The Long Dark.

What I want to code

Games I want to try to code would be turn-based games and adventure games. My games would have little to no animations.I definitely do not want to code real-time games of any kind except to experiment a bit.