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Facelets JSF: Java Facelets and Java Server Faces

Java Facelets and Java Server Faces So Java JSP is awesome and we need no more right? Wrong, JSP is great, but it is a very cryptic way to describe things. Routine work on web type applications developed into repetitive design and coding task. This was turned into what is called web frameworks. Jakarta Struts is a 3rd party API for such a framework. Sun felt it was time to create a framework for distribution with the standard and extended API. Facelets and Java Server Faces was born. Facelets and JSF are built on top of the existing servlet technology. A Facelet page is based on specialized Facelet codes which are “interpreted” by a Java Facelet servlet. Java Server Faces is the framework that uses this Facelet language. This gives the developer quick and easy access to common ...