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Video #3 Git, Sourceforge and Eclipse

 Show you how to do Git pull Edit Something add commit push Demonstrate how to use sourceforge git repo, and eclipse with command line Git


Over 70 Articles– Most for Newbies– Some with sourcecode– File IO Tutorial– 2 Database Articles    


10 meaty Podcast– Not a lot of jabber– I’m learning be patient– Audio Quality is not superb yet– They will be better in time– Java Language– 2D and 3D game coding  


3 Videos with more to come– Demonstrations– Task Examples– Or maybe anything    


Persistant Storage— File IO — Database — Intro to Data Structures    


Register–Hang out–Message members–Forums–Discussion Groups–Get a buddy to hang out here with you and join me. Voice and Text based chat rooms.  


  Would you like a place to write some articles and share some code? But don’t want the hassle of managing a web site yourself? This might be the place for you.  

Source Code

  Many articles are introductory– Some articles contain source code that you are free to use — I will be working on about 6 sourceforge projects — Some of the SourceForge code I may pusblish here — Contact me ‘caverdude’ on sourceforge if you would like to join a SourceForge project.  


facebook.com /softwaredeveloperzone  Please visit and Like the page so that you can receive post in your feed. I am very active on the FaceBook page. I post video, audio, and image content there that you will not see here.          

SDZ Episode 10 Tools and Skill Set

I discuss the tools that I use for coding or publishing Software Developer Zone. I talk about what I’m doing with SDZ, what languages I’m learning, what tools I’m using with maybe a few pointers or tips. Join me in using and learning the same things. Then socialize with me on Facebook or most especially Software Developer Zone. SDZ WordPress Plugins CPanel node.js java.softwarede...

Introduction to Data Structures and Java Collections

An Object is a Data Structure Objects are data structures. We all know programs have data, in fact in OOP an object is Data and Related program logic packaged into this thing called an Object. In Java, we have primitives byte, short, int, long, float, double, boolean, char. A String is an object made of the primitive char. But in general, all objects can be broken down into these primitives. And o...

Learn to code Java now!

Easy steps and tips to get started learning to code Java How easy is it to begin learning Java? I will explain the steps needed to get started. What tools are needed? Which tools to avoid at first. Ask yourself a few questions. Why do you want to learn Java? What are your main goals in learning Java and what do you want Java to do for you? Which kinds of problems do you want it to solve? You can u...