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Welcome to Software Developer Zone

Welcome to Software Developer Zone

Software Developer Zone, Software for Developers

Software Developer Zone will be about software for developers. Which means tools, code scripts, prototypes and more. I am targeting developers who are programmers and students and newbies not end users. Also I am thinking small scale for now even though the domain and name seems large. So below I hope to offer the following as time goes by.

What we offer

  • Articles
  • Tutorials
  • Explanations
  • Demo’s
  • Downloads attached to articles.
  • Scriptlets
  • Important Links
  • Important Facts
  • Ideas
  • Opinions
  • Book Recommendations as affiliate shopping cart.
  • Maybe cups, hats and shirts.
  • Podcast
  • Tutorial Videos


The goals are simple. We may charge minimal fees as a way to nudge donations to the cause. We may only have time for piecemeal growth. This site will hope to be a part’s store for programmers. Or a yard garage sale for programmers.  Not only for developers who are looking for parts but also for developers that have parts to give away or sale as guest or coauthors. Though coauthors will be judiciously selected from members who show more interest.  We wanted a place where authors with only short amounts of time for coding might sell their bits and pieces of work.  Though there may be room for larger works as well. This site will never be a code repository however. We will only offer source code in articles or as zip files attached to articles.

In the beginning at least this site will be dedicated to the Java programming language and other related operating systems or web tech related coding. Later if we see we can branch out to other languages we may.

We will have 5 levels of membership. At the beginning nothing is gained by paying but later some content will be accessible only with certain levels of membership. For now Copper free, Bronze $1/mo, Silver $2/mo, Gold $3/mo Platinum $4/mo. If you choose a paid option then you are merely donating for the further development of this site for the time being. You may drop the level of subscription or cancel and any time. So the author will choose the level which to  publish an article or download. If it is later improved then it can be upgraded. Or maybe an author might decide to downgrade an article what was once paid to free. Free content may even be an article about source code that isn’t working or fully working as long as the author explains that and what went wrong. Some content may be formatted and commented, some may not be. The point is that we all have something we can share and that can be helpful to someone no matter what its state actually is.

My goals

But as for my, Larry Gray’s, content. I intend to work on things towards the goals of certain types of game coding. Especially turn based games. I will be working on logic for such games but also tools to aid in game coding. I want to write tools to help one to several coders to make quality games with good game play, though they might not be the most modern or advanced graphics. Indeed some games I intend to work on will seem very retro.

Thanks and enjoy.