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Javascript Language

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Javascript is not Java

In the beginning, it was called Live Script. Its name was changed to Javascript or Microsoft JScript as a marketing ploy. The language is based on the EMCA script standard and specifications. Basically, Microsoft and Netscape invented Javascript. Javascript is similar in syntax to C or Java. Many Java concepts and standards are also part of Javascript. However, Javascript is not Java.

Inline Javascript example.

  <title>JavaScript Hello World</title>
   alert('Hello, World!);
  Main body text goes here.



Now some years back there was this concept of DHTML.  DHTML was merely a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript along with the HTML DOM. HTML DOM is where the browsers begin to keep or store the HTML in a DOM, a DOM is a document object model. Javascript has access to this DOM. This makes it very easy for the language to change the currently displayed web page on the fly based on programming logic. While Javascript is by no means a substitution for Java, I feel that it is a very good complimentary tech to go with Java web development. This is why I have decided to use this language and support it on my website and not because it has the Java TM name in its Name.

JQuery example.

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>


Node JS

Javascript can be run on the server side, using ‘node.js’, as well as on the client side(in the browser). Well known concepts are Ajax (short for Asynchronous Javascript and XML) and JQuery. I explain Ajax in an article about Ajax. JQuery is a 3rd party API that simplifies Javascript coding with HTML DOM navigation. Interesting things can be accomplished efficiently with Server Side Javascript, Ajax, JQuery, and databases. Latest versions of Javascript, however, will obsolete JQuery with JQuery type API built in.

Atom text editor

The best and only example that I have found so far for a Javascript desktop application is the text editor called Atom.


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