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Larry Gray’s IT Resume


Larry Gray

  • Last 16 years in Trucking Career

  • Six years before that in Office work

  • Disability and 6 months computer tech work.

  • About 3 years of various industrial work and plant work.

  • Early career was in full service restaurant work, nearly 5 years.


  • 6 months part time computer upgrade and repair and service.

  • 6 years office work, data entry, document and database work.

  • 6 months part time computer lab assistant. 

  • 7 years US Army Reserve.

  • 1.5 years in restaurant management.

  • 2 years as trucking instructor and trainer.

  • Many years part time study in Java Programming.

  • 1.5 years study to get General Class Ham Radio License.

  • I have some hardware experience both in service business and much for my self. 

  • Much spare time using Linux as server with web development using Java, HTML, CSS, some Javascript

  • 75+ articles blogging with WordPress.

  • Used WordPress for several web sites.

  • Spent time doing accounting for exercise using database, spreadsheet and one using Java Ledger app I developed on sourceforge. 

  • I had first wrote an accounting app using QBasic

  • I have setup to develop android apps and have wrote a couple of test apps, installed on phone to test etc. 

  • Have studied basic electronics and very basic electricity.

  • Have 6 or so sourceforge projects that provide some example code.

  • Have used all windows operating systems.

  • Have used 5 or so versions of Linux

  • Can do batch and basic shell scripting.

I know a lot about the deep internal workings of this machine called the computer and IT work should have been my career instead of trucking.  I have a great foundation and if honed and sharpened I will be a good asset in the computer field. 




Russellville , Arkansas


I completed about 45 hours towards a Computer Science Degree. I had courses in Computer Foundations I, Computer Foundations II, Data Structures and IBM 360 Assembler. I had math courses in Algebra and Trig. I had one course in Accounting.

Western Yell County

High School

Havana , Arkansas

Graduated May 1987

I graduated with a B grade point average.  I had a science project using Commodore 64 that used 3D graphics to simulate soil erosion. This won 2nd place at Regional which sent me to the International Science Fair in Puerto Rico for a week. I was also given award for welding in shop class. I had one year of Spanish.

Employment History


Trucking Operator Trainer

Elm Springs, Arkansas

November 2013 – May 2016

 I trained over 20 trucking students.  In about 2 years of driving.  I worked this twice in this period of time. First it was with WSE, then MCT a sister company in Comcar the parent company absorbed WSE and all its assets. I was then working for MCT. I quit them for a while then went back to work for them for another year or so.  In a sense students were customers where I shared an 8x8 living space for 1 to 2 months each. 

Arkansas Department of Education

Accounting Technician

Little Rock, Arkansas

January 1999 – April 2002

I was a secretary to an Accountant. I did a lot of data entry, phone receptionist work. I worked up any documents as requested in MS Word or MS Excel spreadsheet. I did some database work using Paradox and MS Access. I even occasionally found a use for my programming skills in processing text data. Our main job was to process claims for reimbursement for funds from USDA for each school's free and reduced lunch program. Each month 3 of us keyed in and processed around 300 schools. I handled inventory for the office and did other accounting work that was related to our small piece of the big puzzle. 

Arkansas Workforce Relocation

Computer Lab Training Assitant

Morrilton, Arkansas

January 2000 – August 2000

Levi's shut down in Morrilton AR so a computer lab trailer was put there to retrain laid off workers how to do basic computer skills, learn typing or office software.  This was a part time state job that I worked along with the other state job. I simply assisted workers in getting started with training software. If they had questions I answered them. I opened the lab and closed the lab. 

Kelley Temporary

Office Temp

January 1996 – January 1999

I did all types of office work, secretarial, receptionist, database and data entry work. On rare occasion I may have helped with more technical computer work. Such as changing over a power supply or assisting in the upgrading a network of computers to TCP/IP based on another techs directions. 

Phoenix Enterprises

Computer Tech

April 1995 – September 1995

I upgraded or repaired over 150 computers. I built 20 from scratch. I fixed software and minor networking issues. I also performed printer maintenance and repair, especially with laser printers. I refilled toner cartridges. 

US Army Reserve

Combat Engineer

Conway, Arkansas

June 1987 – August 1995

The only experience here that might apply, with customer relations and instruction, is that I sometimes gave classes to soldiers about anything from basic combat task such as dressing wounds to laying mines in a minefield. 


Restaurant worker and manager

May 1987 – August 1997

I worked several times for this company in this period time totaling near 5 years of employment. Most was full time but some later was part time. I worked 3 times as kitchen manager. First in Conway AR 1990, then Russellville AR 1994, then in McCain Mall in North Little Rock AR 1997. All 3 times about 6 months. I trained employees on how to do all restaurant task except for the waitress line and register. This experience I hope would help with customer relations and instruction.  I worked all shifts, open and closed.  I was earning $250/ wk as kitchen manager in 1990. The only thing I did with  my computer skills was to make spreadsheets to keep 5 week averages on usages of food items in kitchen. I also made a very cool spreadsheet using same 5 week averages of sales by the hour of day and day of week to show when we expected to have the rushes. I used this cool wavy high low thing Excel had. This boosted efficiency because any employee even new employees could look at the chart to tell when we were going to get hit, no just the long time employees. 

Hobbies & Interests

I have so many hobbies and interest. Computers have always since 1983 when my parents bought a C64 been a great passion.  I became interested in blogging a few years back. I have 50 articles on http://blog.larrydgray.net and I wrote 28 articles as one author on a survivalist blog site.  I also began a couple of web sites I'd like to see more well developed. http://arksoft.org used Java  and the new one using WordPress  http://new.arksoft.org  is a web site for programmers to post small bits of code in blog post that we can all hopefully sell with memberships some day. http://www.communitygardeners.net  is a new web site I'd like to develop locally first then expand but will require advertising.  I have 5 or so project on sourceforge.net which never made it far except to give other developers some example source to look at.  Lately I've been looking into messing around with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, accessories with basic electronics and using Java do some automation projects. 

Professional Skills

Sun Certified Java Progarmmer: Advanced

Comptia A+ Certified

General Class Ham Radio

Web Developer: Intermediate

Upgrade and Repair Tech: Intermediate

Networking: Beginner

Operating Systems: Intermediate

Radio: Intermediate

Professional Truck Driver: Expert

Trainer: Advanced


Spanish: Beginner


Tim Waldo


Pro Mas

Tim is an IT Tech.

I've known Tim for the last 25 or so years.

Gary Tuck

Neighbor and Friend

Hometown Computers

Paris AR for his work, Delaware AR at home

Work (Wed) 479-963-1530, Home 479-229-0417

Gary is a part time  computer technician and Ham radio operator.

I've known Gary for 25  years.

Ahsan Iftikar


Computer Clinic

Dardanelle AR

Cell (479-970-9204) Work(479-477-3897)

Ahsan is an IT professional currently working as a computer technician.

I've known Ahsan for about 4 years.

Thomas Applegate

Friend from New Jersey who was a former Trucking Student

Midwest Coast Transport and (Applegate Technolgies)

New Jersey

Cell (609-336-6066)

I met Thomas on the truck as a studdent. He was coming from the IT field to take a break and see the nation.  He has a web hosting and help desk business called Applegate Technolgies. http://applegatetechnologies.com 

I've known Thomas for about a year.

Luann Griswood

Former Boss when I worked at state department.

Arkansas Department of Education

Little Rock AR


Luann can tell you about my computer skills and verify that I worked the part time job at the computer lab.