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Larry Gray’s IT Resume

Larry Gray

PO BOX 129

Delaware, Arkansas





  • A website have been building for a couple of years now http://www.softwaredeveloperzone.com
  • I have for my portfolio 70 Articles on SDZ and post at http://fb.com/softwaredeveloperzone
  • CompTIA A+ 2017
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer 2000
  • General Class Ham Radio Operator (Call Sign KE5OAG)
  • 45 hours of college at Arkansas Tech University Computer Science Degree
    • Computer Programming Foundations I and II, Data Structures with Boreland Pascal 7, IBM 360 Assembly
  • 35 years of part time study with Computers and Computer Programming
    • Early years, C64 Basic, Simon’s Basic, Qbasic, AccessVB, C64 6510 Assembly, Comal (not Cobal)

Work History

  • 3 years as Truck Driving Instructor (17 years trucking)
  • 6 years of Office work, last 3 for Arkansas Department of Education
  • 6 months computer tech work early Pentium era upgrade and repair.
  • 6 Nuclear Plant outages in tool room
  • 5 years full service restaurant work with 1.5 as Kitchen Manger
  • 7 Years in US Army Reserve Combat Engineer rank Sergeant E5

Reading and Self Study

I have read dozens of books on these topics.

  • Operating Systems
    • Linux, Windows
  • Programming
    • Java
      • Desktop Apps
        • Swing, JavaFX, WebStart
      • Web Apps
        • JSP and Servlets, JDBC, SQL, Applets, WebStart
      • Phone/Tablet Apps
        • Android, JavaFX
      • Design Patterns
      • Unit Testing
      • Elements of Java Style
      • Data Structures
    • Javascript (5 books)
      • jQuery, Ajax, Node.js
    • HTML5 and CSS3 (2 books on CSS)
    • C (only a little)
  • Game Developing
    • Game Design, Java2D Game Design, General Java Game Design, 3D Game Programming
  • Graphics apps
    • Blender, Autocad
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS (Just begging this one)
  • Spring and Hibernate (Just reading over this one)
  • Agile methodology with Extreme Programming
  • Web Marketing with Facebook, YouTube and Podcasting
  • SEO

Tools I have used

  • IDEs
    • Eclipse, Netbeans, Android Studio, Visual Studio
  • Version Control
    • cvs, svn, git
  • Terminal and ssh
    • PuTTY suite, WinSCP (FTP)
  • Graphics
    • Gimp, Inkscape, Blender, Autocad, Sketchup
  • Audio Video
    • WavePad, VideoPad
  • Servers
    • Tomcat, Node.js
  • Database
    • SQLite, H2, MS Access, Paradox, MySql
  • Spreadsheet
    • MS Excel, QuatroPro
  • Word Processors or text editors
    • MS Word, Jedit, Atom, Vi, Vim
  • Shells
    • DOS, Windows Shell, Bash
  • CMS
    • WordPress

I can do this job and career

I have worked hard my entire life, long hours even 70 hours each week most of the time. I have utilized my spare time to study computer topics as best I could and to get a little work done on projects. I believe I have a strong base of knowledge and with some immersion time could become a great asset. I’d love to work a career that is my true passion, Java Programming.


Tim Waldo (352)848-5195


Tim is an IT Tech working in Security.

I’ve known Tim for the last 25 or so years.

Gary Tuck (479)229-0417

Neighbor and Friend

Hometown Computers

Paris AR for his work, Delaware AR at home

Gary is a part time computer technician and Ham Radio operator.

I’ve known Gary for 25 years.

Ahsan Iftikar (479)970-9204


Computer Clinic

Dardanelle AR

Ahsan is an IT professional currently working as a

computer technician.

I’ve known Ahsan for about 6 years.

Thomas Applegate (609)328-7422

Friend from New Jersey who

is also my web host.

Applegate Technologies. http://applegatetechnologies.com

I’ve known Thomas for 4 years.

Luann Griswood (501)324-9502

Former Boss when I worked at state department.

Arkansas Department of Education

Little Rock AR

Luann can tell you about my computer skills and verify that I worked the part

time job at the computer lab in Morilton AR for Arkansas Workforce Relocation.