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Sprite Organizer 0.1 Alpha

Organizing Sprites, Tiles, Textures etc on Image Strips or Grids. This article is about a tool for organizing sprite or tile images into image grids or image strips. It’s useful for organizing game sprites, simulation sprites, textures or even CSS sprites used on web pages.  It has buffers which contain images. Images can be broken into cols and rows.  Cells or sprites are defined as so many pixels by so many pixels in size.  Saves and loads images.      Features Load and save single images or sprite sets. Load images into one of 10 buffers (more buffers in the next versions) Paste from one buffer into a grid or image strip.  Divide a blank image into cols or cols and rows. Sprite size is determined by the size of the grid in pixels and number of cols and rows. Copy, Paste,...

Desktop Applications

Java Desktop Applications Let me explain a few things that will prepare you to run a Java Desktop Application, and other Java Applications as well. If you do not get this right the application won’t run. Bytecode example that looks very similar to assembly language. [code language=”java”] iconst_2 istore_1 iload_1 sipush 1000 if_icmpge 44 iconst_2 istore_2 iload_2 iload_1 if_icmpge 31 iload_1 iload_2 irem ifne 25 goto 38 iinc 2, 1 goto 11 getstatic #84; // Field java/lang/System.out:Ljava/io/PrintStream; iload_1 invokevirtual #85; // Method java/io/PrintStream.println:(I)V iinc 1, 1 goto 2 return [/code]   Java runs in a virtual machine, meaning this VM (java.exe or javaw.exe) interprets Java bytecode. For the VM to be able to interpret the bytecode it needs to be st...