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SDZ Podcast Episode 8-3D Game Engine Programming with Java

Episode 8 3D Game Engine Programming

3D Game Engine coding can be simple or complex.

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I talk about books that I have been reading. I discuss techniques and concepts related to 3D game programming using Java. Though much of this content is about game development in general and only a small part is directly about Java or exact coding.

Books that I talk about..

  • Black Art of Java Game Programming
  • Black Art of 3D Game Programming C
  • Building a 3D Game Engine C++

I talk about..

  • Isometric Parallel Orthogonal view
  • World Perspective view
  • Rendering Pipeline
  • Texture Mapping
  • Shading Lighting
  • Other effects
  • Culling for efficiency
  • Painters algorithm for removing hidden objects.
  • Culling for removing hidden objects
  • Z buffer and Z order
  • Other culling methods
  • Collision Detection and efficiency
  • And other stuff.


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