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About SDZ

About SDZ

Let me tell you about my plan for
Software Developer Zone

About my plan

SDZ Plan: All of what is on SDZ right now is free to the public. I intend to create content with 5 membership access levels. The first will be free. The next 4 will be paid however all source paid or free will be open source.  And my source as the founder will be Public Common License which means you can do what you want with it. You just can’t copy paste and say you wrote that exact copy. Or at least you shouldn’t. The idea here is that its a garage/yard sale for open source. Also the idea is that a side like this would be the “auto parts” store for “shade tree” programmers.

I will explain below 5 grades of software content that I will be selling. In summary, the more work that is required to produce the product or the more popular the higher the cost.   If you believe in what I’m working on here, please subscribe. Below I describe the concept.

Grades and Levels

$4/month. Downloads will contain source, binaries and javadocs. Will contain screen shots and uml diagrams. Design will be at its best. Efficiency will be at its best. Test coverage will be about 90%. Examples will abound. This will be the most professional release. This will be fully featured and mature. In summary, this will be a very professional release.
$3/month. Downloads will contain source, binaries and Javadocs. Will contain screen shots and uml. Design will remain about the same as silver. Efficiency will be improved and test coverage will be about 66%, Examples will begin to appear. Documentation will be more professional. This will be a very useful and stable release.
$2/month. Downloads will  contain source, binaries and Javadocs. Will be lightly unit tested. This will be a stable version with well developed basic set of features. Design will be good. Efficiency will be moderate to good. About 33% test coverage will begin. This will be a stable usable release.
$1/month. Downloads will contain source. Javadocs will not be included in download.  Will include no unit test  and may not have been unit tested. This will be somewhat improved in design and possibly efficiency over Copper and will be cleaner with minor feature enhancements. In summary, this will begin to be a useful release.
Free. Must be a good start. Primary behavior must work or must explain why it doesn’t work and problems encountered.  May not need to be efficient, well designed or tested. Source may not be styled and there may be little to no encapsulation. Download files will only contain source. In summary, unless this is a higher quality release that had been downgraded, this will not necessarily be pretty and will need work to even begin to be very useful. What more would you expect? After all Copper Editions are free.

Authors, Guest Authors, Co-Authors

I am the only author right now. Larry Gray founder. I over time intend to add trusted authors. If you want to author a single article so that you can get some notoriety or a back-link to your stuff, let me know. Authors will set the level for their work and I will either approve it or change the level.