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  • Logo’s for
    • Title Bar
    • Address bar
    • Banner
    • Shirt
    • Hat
    • Cup
    • Logo’s need to use iconic symbols like garage, signs for garage and yard sales, iconic pieces of very common familiar code from various languages Java, C, Javascript, Python, Assembly, Bytecode, etc. Just one line pieces of code with a price tag and some random price like you would see at a yard sale.. Whole dollar amounts or coin size amounts.  Use cent sign instead of the lower case c like I did. In larger Banner or Shirt size code could be rotated and stuck in like box, or hanging from a cloths rack to make it look more yard sale like. Cup or hat might have “Software Developer Zone” on top with a top of the front view of a garage with door up. and then list some lines of code below with the price tags. Then a Garage Sale sign on left and Yard Sale on right. or something like that. Maybe “Software for Developers” at the bottom.
  • About Us Menu (left small header navigation) goes away when users scroll down And Software Developer Zone becomes softwaredeveloperzone.com.. need it to not become softwaredeveloperzone.com but remain Software Developer Zone. I’m not even sure why it needs to change. Need logo next to Software Developer Zone where it appears in header.
  • Community
    • I would like the Community items to be in the left side but I wan’t a collapsing menu. Since we have login and register at the top of ever page in the header. I don’t need it on the left or right anywhere. I had issues when trying to create new user account. So if a person is logged in. They should see buddy press features in the community section along with the items I now have in the community menu at the top menu. I will remove that commuinty menu when we get the left nav community items working.
    • There should be a subscribe Item under members menu item. This should take them to s2member sign up page where subscription levels are explained. They should be able to upgrade or downgrade membership from one level to another.
    • I’m going to have to work on paypal setup for s2member myself I suppose.
    • I want this community stuff to be seamless and right  now its a mess. I may want that comunity widge menu on the right as well on pages and post. I think its best if they always have access to that community menu. So For a fully expanded menu like its currently displaying, we might make a page of links to the same menu items in nested list. And simply have the community menu item at top bar point to that page. Which will give more details about the community stuff.
  • Need the Events widget setup and calendar on left bar in main page.
  • Ads need to go in responsive ad areas.
  • Need shopping cart setup for affiliate marketing of books from amazon. Can shopping cart grab current book images from amazon? can it display current amazon prices? And need shopping cart icon link setup in top menu bar between menu items and login.
  • Need Login page to display Software Developer Zone and maybe banner. Same for sign up page.
  • Then its a matter of testing all social features to make sure everything is working properly. I’ll need to test subscription levels. So I personally need to add one article on each level.