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Simple 3D graphics using Java Swing

See also Simple 3D Graphics with JavaFX Isometric or Orthogonal 3D views In this article, I demonstrate 3D Graphics showing you how to project a surface in 3D using 3 modes for drawing the surface. There is a left-hand mode, a center mode, and a right-hand mode. This same transformation math works for 3D polyhedron objects as well and you could use if for voxel type games. I show some effects you can use on the surface such as zoom, pan, skew etc. This is entirely wire frame. I do not remove hidden lines. I do not fill or texture map. And I do not rotate. I may do all this in future versions of this article. 90-degree rotation is very easy to do. Using basic trigonometry math more fine rotation is not difficult. The Iso3D class I did not have to put this code in its own class. As a matter ...