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Sprite Organizer 0.1 Alpha

Organizing Sprites, Tiles, Textures etc on Image Strips or Grids. This article is about a tool for organizing sprite or tile images into image grids or image strips. It’s useful for organizing game sprites, simulation sprites, textures or even CSS sprites used on web pages.  It has buffers which contain images. Images can be broken into cols and rows.  Cells or sprites are defined as so many pixels by so many pixels in size.  Saves and loads images.      Features Load and save single images or sprite sets. Load images into one of 10 buffers (more buffers in the next versions) Paste from one buffer into a grid or image strip.  Divide a blank image into cols or cols and rows. Sprite size is determined by the size of the grid in pixels and number of cols and rows. Copy, Paste,...

SDZ Podcast Episode 7-Java 2D Game Programming

2D Game Programming using Java I talk about books that I have been reading. I discuss techniques and concepts related to 2D game programming using Java. Though much of this content is about game development in general and only a small part is directly about Java or exact coding. RSS feed is http://arksoft.libsyn.com/rss Also, see 3D Game Engines using Java Books that I talk about… Black Art of Java Game Programming Black Art of 3D Game Programming C Building a 3D Game Engine C++ Fundamentals of 2D Game Programming with Java As far as techniques go, there is too much to list, but here are a few. What Matrix math is used for… What Vector math is used for… Screens Scrolling Collision Detection Images and Sprites Animation Turn Based vs Real Time Sound And more.