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Simple 3D Graphics using JavaFX

Simple3D Graphics JavaFX rewrite of my first article using Swing Simple 3D graphics using Java was my first article using Swing UI. As you know JavaFX is the replacement for Swing. In this article I will talk about JavaFX a bit more than the app itself because it was a conversion. This is not only a JavaFX app it’s a JavaFX FXML app. So like Android apps there are two ways to define the UI. You can build it with code within class  definitions and constructors. Or you can define the UI with XML. In this case its FXML for Java FX XML. SceneBuilder and NetBeans You can define the FXML with a text/code editor. This would be painful and you would have to know FXML fairly well and do a lot of looking things up. Or you can download SceneBuilder from Gluon. You can use the FXML generated by ...