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Learn to code Java now!

Easy steps and tips to get started learning to code Java How easy is it to begin learning Java? I will explain the steps needed to get started. What tools are needed? Which tools to avoid at first. Ask yourself a few questions. Why do you want to learn Java? What are your main goals in learning Java and what do you want Java to do for you? Which kinds of problems do you want it to solve? You can use Java to code console apps, desktop apps, web apps, phone/tablet apps etc. Are you learning it because of school or because of work? For hobby or self-education? Get the following JDK (Java Development Kit) A console or command line, either Linux shell or Windows shell or Windows Power Shell  A text editor JEdit,  Atom or Editpad Pro. VScode, Notepad++, Brackets, Sublime Notepad on windows for s...

SDZ Podcast Episode 6- Open Source Projects and Arksoft Updates

Open Source Projects and Arksoft Updates RSS feed is http://arksoft.libsyn.com/rss My Open Source Projects On this one I tell you about my open source projects.. Java Reference Java White Board Java Cave Maps Java Games and Graphics Java Quiz Java Ledger Java Heat Wave Open Text Reader I talk about my experience thus far with open source and open source developers. I tell you about what has been accomplished thus far. Decisions I’ve made good or bad and upcoming changes. I tell you about the new feature on softwaredeveloperzone.com broadcasting my coding sessions or giving live classes.

SDZ Video 2 – (was Arksoft) Applets Part 1

Applets Demo Part One Applets I show you how to find the dox console, or windows shell, or command line. I show you how to find and use the Java Control Panel. I show you how to add a trusted site. I show you how to write and applet and view it with both applet viewer and Windows Internet Explorer from the local hard drive or localhost. I also show  you a little about a Java game Free Colonization. http://freecol.org

SDZ Video 1 – (was Arksoft) Introduction Demo1 Getting Started with Java

Getting Started with Java Demo  I will show you Where to find the Java Development Kit Download Set the path and classpath on windows Write, compile, debug and run your first Java console application Java GUI application I make some mistakes and show you how to fix them

Java Programming Language

I explain to you the evolution of programming language up to Java. What is a JVM? What is OOP? What is cryptic? What is interpreted vs compiled languages? What is ByteCode? What is Von Neuman Language? How is Java similar or different from other popular langauges.