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SDZ Podcast Episode 10 – Tools and Skill Set

I discuss the tools that I use for coding or publishing Software Developer Zone. I talk about what I’m doing with SDZ, what languages I’m learning, what tools I’m using with maybe a few pointers or tips. Join me in using and learning the same things. Then socialize with me on Facebook or most especially Software Developer Zone. SDZ WordPress Plugins CPanel node.js java.softwaredeveloperzone.com questhost.com tomcat node.js Skill Set Java Android Javascript jQuery Angular ajax HTML 5 CSS 3 Tools Serverside PuTTY WinSCP IDE Eclipse Idea Netbeans Scene Builder Android Studio Graphics Blender Inkscape Gimp Media Facebook Youtube LibSyn Twitter Misc Password Safe Github Sourceforge WebServers Tomcat Node.js WebBrowsers Chrome Firefox Developer Edition Opera Edge