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SDZ Podcast Episode 8-3D Game Engine Programming with Java

Episode 8 3D Game Engine Programming 3D Game Engine coding can be simple or complex. Also see 2D Game Coding using Java RSS feed is http://arksoft.libsyn.com/rss I talk about books that I have been reading. I discuss techniques and concepts related to 3D game programming using Java. Though much of this content is about game development in general and only a small part is directly about Java or exact coding. Books that I talk about.. Black Art of Java Game Programming Black Art of 3D Game Programming C Building a 3D Game Engine C++ I talk about.. Isometric Parallel Orthogonal view World Perspective view Rendering Pipeline Texture Mapping Shading Lighting Other effects Culling for efficiency Painters algorithm for removing hidden objects. Culling for removing hidden objects Z buffer and Z or...