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ESS Model an easy to use UML Modeling Tool

ESS Model UML Tool ESS Model is a light weight easy to use Modeling tool that can help you to understand your source as well as other developers source code. It will give you at a glance uml models for classes in the same folder. This shows classes, fields and methods for given classes in a box model. Lines will connect classes in the same package(folder). I use this on my article post here at SDZ some when I feel I have the time. You can make screen shots of the uml using PrtSc on home row then paste into MS Paint, crop, save then insert images in your own post. When you download this put the exe in the path somewhere or add it to the path. Then just navigate to the folder which is the package you want to display. Then type ‘essmodel *.java’ at the command line. More about ESS...