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SDZ Video 1 – (was Arksoft) Introduction Demo1 Getting Started with Java

Getting Started with Java Demo  I will show you Where to find the Java Development Kit Download Set the path and classpath on windows Write, compile, debug and run your first Java console application Java GUI application I make some mistakes and show you how to fix them

Console: Java Console Applications

Java Console Applications The console is, of course, the command prompt. On Windows go to [Start][enter ‘cmd’ into search] to bring up a command prompt. Could be called a shell also or power shell. Its the text-based screen window for entering commands. I gave a very small introduction to Java console application execution in the Java Desktop applications article. Java console applications are started in the same manner. I talked about path and classpath which are both very important. If the path and classpath are not set properly then your console application will fail to execute. I explain how to set the classpath on windows in the Desktop Applications article. There is much help on the internet for telling you how to set the system path to add java bin folder. If you do...