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Successful Java Software

Examples of Successful Java Software

  • Open Office
    • Office suite by SUN and Oracle.
  • Libre Office
    • Open Office rewritten by other party.
  • Eclipse IDE
    • Free Popular IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment)
  • InteliJ Idea IDE
    • Paid for IDE Very good and popular.
  • JEdit
    • Very good text and source code editor. Lots of plugins.
  • Planet Mule
    • A classic 8bit game I used to play on the Commodor 64.
  • Minecraft
    • A game sold to Microsoft for $2 Billioin dollars.
  • Runescape
    • Another popular RPG run as applet on web page.
  • Free Colonization
    • A Sid Meyer clone of the classic turn based game Colonization.
  • Limewire
    • A software sharing app similar to what Napster was.
  • Ant
    • Batch task processing. Replaces DOS batch files or Unix Shell scripts as system independent scripting using xml files.
  • Tomcat
    • Popular web server and Java web development reference implementation.
  • HyperSonic SQL Database (Now H2)
    • Database written entirely in Java programming language.