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PHP is a fun language many applications on the web is written in PHP. Unlike Java, PHP does not a full blow language like C and C++ what I mean by that is, with PHP there are certain limitations. Such as, we don’t have direct access to the machine so we can’t quite interface with hardware the way we can with C/C++. PHP had it’s start in the bad old days of the web. People wanted an interactive website even back in the early 90s and the most popular option of the time was to use a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) using PERL as the language of choice. Then along comes some guy that thought he could create a better scripting language and created something called Personal Home Pages (PHP) and then it formed into the Hypertext PreProcessor. Sounds pretty catchy doesn’t it?

I just wanted to edit this page and see what other options there are. ๐Ÿ™‚

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