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Why learn coding in today’s world? I will tell you. Currently in the world there is a huge shortage of coders. Coding is today what literacy was in the 1800’s where only a small percentage were literate.  In the whole world less than half a percent know coding and in America it’s a...

TestNG SingleLinkedList Class

TestNG SingleLinkedList Class Source for testing SingleLinkedList with TestNG framework. /* * To change this license header, choose License Headers in Project Properties. * To change this template file, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor. */ package sdz.ds.lists; import s...

DS01 SingleLinkedList and Iterator

SingleLinkedList, Iterator and Unit Test This is the first article in a data structures tutorial series. We start with a linked list that is a singly linked list. This means it has nodes with only forward pointing pointers. This linked list is also an Iterator which is a design pattern. My version o...

An overview of CSS 3 Part 1

What is CSS? CSS separates structural and semantic content from formatting or presentation. HTML is the structure, CSS is the presentation and JavaScript is the behavior. The presentation is the size, position, color, font etc. It’s the layout and looks. Rules make up style text. Rules can be ...

HTML5 Overview

HTML5 Overview and Introduction HTML5 is comprised of tags. Tags are names(elements) inside of < and > (angle brackets). There are two basic types of tags. Structural and Semantic. Structural tags define what is on a web page. Semantic tags define purpose or meaning for some items on a web pag...

Simple 3D Graphics using JavaFX

Simple3D Graphics JavaFX rewrite of my first article using Swing Simple 3D graphics using Java was my first article using Swing UI. As you know JavaFX is the replacement for Swing. In this article I will talk about JavaFX a bit more than the app itself because it was a conversion. This is not only a...

SDZ Video 3 – Git, Sourceforge and Eclipse

 Show you how to do Git pull Edit Something add commit push Demonstrate how to use sourceforge git repo, and eclipse with command line Git


Over 70 Articles– Most for Newbies– Some with sourcecode– File IO Tutorial– 2 Database Articles    


10 meaty Podcast– Not a lot of jabber– I’m learning be patient– Audio Quality is not superb yet– They will be better in time– Java Language– 2D and 3D game coding  


3 Videos with more to come– Demonstrations– Task Examples– Or maybe anything    


Persistant Storage— File IO — Database — Intro to Data Structures    


Register–Hang out–Message members–Forums–Discussion Groups–Get a buddy to hang out here with you and join me. Voice and Text based chat rooms.  

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