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Larry’s Sourceforge Projects

Larry's Sourceforge Projects

This will show a list of my Sourceforge projects. Of the projects listed below a developer might find some useful example source to exploit. Nothing is really working much at all. Some classes you will be able to run and play around with. But nothing is really developed to a good useful state. Unfortunately, my trucking career has gotten in the way of my hobby work. I hope to end this situation soon.

  • Java Cave Maps A GUI app to aid cave explorers in mapping and map production.
    • Calculator that will give 3D coordinates when given distance, azmith and vertical angle.
  • Java Games and Graphics Some components and tools to aid game or graphics developers.
    • 3D Island generator using mesh surface.
    • Pixel paint program.
    • Image processing utilities for working with lots of tile images.
    • Text screen emulator.
    • Other stuff.
  • Java Heat Wave A GUI app that is supposed to simulate heat transfer through convection, conduction and radiation.
    • A component that converts temperatures to colors, similar to IR cameras.
  • Java Ledger A console based accounting app. GUI was planned but not started.
    • A mostly complete and working accounting app. I used one year of my life in 2014 as data. You make journal files using XML. The ledger then reads the journal files to give balance reports and other reports. Also gives the chart of accounts which is stored in another XML file. These reports were given at console using JCurses API.
  • Java Quiz A foundational library for administering human educational testing.
    • Very basic quiz app where you have 4 multiple choice answers.
  • Java Reference A reference tool to give quick lookup via incremental search and filters of API names and give some API stats.
    • This was working fairly well at one time. It gives quick incremental java name search and allows filtering for packages and other criteria. It was supposed to be made for analyzing the API and learning the API.
  • Java White Board Playing around with sockets and maybe web sockets to make a multi user tandem editor.
    • Nothing working here. I deleted what little I had working and didn't get back to it.