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Gives visitors info about Software Developer Zone


Over 70 Articles– Most for Newbies– Some with sourcecode– File IO Tutorial– 2 Database Articles    


10 meaty Podcast– Not a lot of jabber– I’m learning be patient– Audio Quality is not superb yet– They will be better in time– Java Language– 2D and 3D game coding  


3 Videos with more to come– Demonstrations– Task Examples– Or maybe anything    


Persistant Storage— File IO — Database — Intro to Data Structures    


Register–Hang out–Message members–Forums–Discussion Groups–Get a buddy to hang out here with you and join me. Voice and Text based chat rooms.  


  Would you like a place to write some articles and share some code? But don’t want the hassle of managing a web site yourself? This might be the place for you.  

Source Code

  Many articles are introductory– Some articles contain source code that you are free to use — I will be working on about 6 sourceforge projects — Some of the SourceForge code I may pusblish here — Contact me ‘caverdude’ on sourceforge if you would like to join a SourceForge project.  


facebook.com /softwaredeveloperzone  Please visit and Like the page so that you can receive post in your feed. I am very active on the FaceBook page. I post video, audio, and image content there that you will not see here.